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About Rosa Nely Estrada 

A little bit about me...

I 'm a Bilingual (Spanish & English) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Inside Out Counseling Services, provides Counseling Services for: Adults, Children/Teens Couples & Families using Individual, Couple & Family Therapy. 


I go by Nely.  I love family time with my husband and children. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and going on Disney adventures together. I enjoy working out with my husband as we have made them our date days/nights. As a child I grew up out in the country in which I really appreciate the outdoors, livestock and growing your own veggies. 


I appreciate Artistry to the core. I love Makeup! I'm a Makeup Artist and its now my hobby. When I'm not doing Therapy, I'm involved in helping someone discover and show case the best version of themselves.  Throughout my College career, I worked for MAC Cosmetics over 10 years, in which I was able to facilitate the most amazing transformation in uplifting peoples spirits,  self-esteem and confidence. I had the opportunity to teach every day clients and aspiring artist the artistry of how to enhance peoples best features for different occasions, while maintaining their true selves. As much as I love makeup, I believe it can be a great tool for self-esteem and confidence but not a necessity. I believe that when we are equipped with a variety of different tools and knowledge about different subjects ie., self care, nutrition, exercise, communication, love & relationships, finances, technology, organization, self responsibility, psychology, etc we are more equipped to live functional lives. 


Inside Out Counseling Services came about from the philosophy that healing and transformation can come from many different sources. Self care, self love, living your best life and finding-living-following our natural path can have a big correlation on how we feel about our self, the world and how we resolve inner core conflicts. My goal is to help my clients discover what it means to live their best lives and explore inner core conflicts that lead to depression, anxiety and substance abuse-dependence issues. 

I offer a Christian Based Counseling approach  for clients whose spirituality is important in their healing journey and values. Through this approach I promote Hope, Faith and Healing as a way to help client accomplish treatment goals, find recovery in their struggles, traumas, addiction and for management of symptoms.

My theoretical orientation is eclectic.  I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to therapy. I believe in individualizing therapy according to the needs of the individual, couple or family. It is important to work together in determining what the best therapy is for you.  My goal is to create an environment where my clients can feel safe, heard, understood and empowered. I utilize interventions from Psycho-dynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral, Family systems, Strength base therapy, Person centered, Gottman method, Emotional Focused Therapy and Solution Focused/Postmodern Therapies. I join my clients in  working together to actively work towards gaining insight, ending unhealthy thoughts and patters so that we can resolve inner core conflicts, feelings and behaviors in efforts to live empowering functional lives.

Whether you are single, struggling in the dating world or in a relationship (Married or not), there comes a time where things are not going smoothly or things that are beyond your control. I encourage you to take the chance today in allowing yourself to improve your relationship with yourself and your loved ones.


Resolving past childhood and family issues, can lead to less anger and depression, greater self-esteem, security, and confidence. More over, the release of the emotions associated with past childhood/family issues, results in less resentment and more serenity. 

Change is not easy... but it is possible. If you are struggling to convince your partner, child or loved one to join you in Therapy, there is hope!... Sometimes starting therapy alone can be a great way to improve your relationships.

Together we can learn relationship tools and skills to help improve your relationships with your family, friends and work environment.


Don't wait another day to feel better and happier...

Call today and schedule your sessions.



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